Fuel Services

Fuel Available
Riverside Jet Center offers 100LL, Jet-A, and Jet-A with Prist at the following prices:
Jet A Price/gal: $3.66
Jet A w/Prist: $3.66
100LL Price: $4.65

Oil Available
Riverside Jet Center offers the following types and brands of oil: Elite Exxon, W80, W100, 15W50, 100, Jet II, BP2380, 20W50, 100W+, and Air Turbo 2380.  Current prices for some of the oils are listed below.
15W50/qt: $7.50
20W50/qt: $9.08
Air Turbo 2380: $18.43

Purchasing more than 25 gallons?  We'll discount the fuel price by $0.10/gal.  Should your fuel purchase exceed 200 gallons, we'll automatically apply a $0.20/gal discount.  The discount for 500 or more gallons is $0.25/gal.

JRAA discount is currently $0.10/gal.

Fuel Accounts
Please contact our accounts manager at (918) 299-3835 to set up a fuel account.

Riverside Jet Center honors all major credit cards, fleet cards, and discount programs including Avcard, Avfuel, Airboss, GovFuel, and Multi-Service.

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